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Mobile Phones


TLSC Berkeley Vale Campus acknowledges the educational value of digital devices and online services in supporting and enhancing educational outcomes and student wellbeing. We also recognise they may cause harm if used inappropriately and that we need to support our students to use them in safe, responsible and respectful ways.Mobile phones are not to be used during school hours. Every student has been assigned a personal TLSC BVC Pouch. While the TLSC BVC Pouch is considered school property, it is each student's responsibility to bring their pouch with them to school everyday.

As students enter the school, they will:

  • turn their phone off
  • unlock their empty TLSC BVC Pouch using an unlocking base at the School entry
  • place their phone inside the pouch, securely close it and store in their backpack 

Each student will maintain possession of their mobile devices inside their TLSC BVC Pouch for the duration of the school day. Late students will do this process at the Front Office as they sign in.

As student exit the school at the end of the day, they will:

  • unlock their pouch using an unlocking base at an exit
  • remove their phone from their pouch 
  • securely close their empty pouch and place it in their backpack for the next day

(Exception: excused absence for a doctor's appointment in which case the student will unlock their pouch at the Front Office)

Phone Violations

Below is a list of potential student violations. Each of these violations will result in the student's mobile device/phone and/or pouch being confiscated by the Principal or Deputy Principal.

  • physical damage to the pouch in an attempt to circumvent its intended purpose. For example: damage to lockig device or cuts to the seams
  • forgetting or losing the pouch - phone will be left at the Front Office and stored in the School Safe


The school HOLDS NO responsibility for the safety and security of such devices.

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