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Sport mandatory requirements

School Sport is a mandatory requirement for Years K-10 and is held for students on a Tuesday afternoon from 12.30 -2pm.

Students are required to participate in a minimum of 150 minutes of planned moderate with some vigorous physical activity across the school week as stated in the Department of Education’s Compulsory Sport and Physical Activity Policy [Link to the Policy]

At the completion of Year 10, Berkeley Vale Campus must sign off that students have met the required hours of sport.

On a Tuesday school hours are from 8:24am to 2:00pm. All students are required by law to be present at all times the school is open and any absence must be explained by a note from a parent or guardian.

Sport uniform requirements

Students are required to actively participate in Tuesday sport each week. The uniform requirements are that students wear full sports uniform to school on Tuesdays.  Full sports uniform includes:

  • school issued green and gold sports shorts – BVC embroidered
  • school issued green and gold sports polo with emblem
  • sport shoes that provide adequate protection/support and white or black socks
  • school issued microfibre track jacket, fleece hoodie or fleece zippered jacket  
  • school issued microfibre track pants or fleece track pants

A note must accompany the student if they are not in full sports uniform. The note must be signed by a parent or carer and explain the reasons for non-uniform.  Students without a note will not be allowed to participate in sport. They will remain at school and spend the allocated time in sport’s detention. Two appearances in sport’s detention per term will result in an after school detention.   Further consequences will result for further infringements. 


Students who are unable to participate in sport or any other activity because of injury or recovery from an illness should not request permission to go home as provision is made for supervision of these students at school. Students are required to provide a signed note stating the reason they are unable to participate and attend non-sport. Students are able to catch up on classwork, homework or complete assessment tasks during this time. Prolonged injury/illness will require a doctor’s certificate. 

Sports detention

If your child does not have a signed note for non-sport or incorrect uniform they will be placed in Sports Detention. Your child may also be placed in Sports Detention for inappropriate behaviour at the previous weeks sport. If your child is placed in Sports Detention twice in a term they will be issued with an After School Detention with the Head Teacher PDHPE.

Sport behaviour and attendance

Student behaviour and attendance at Tuesday sport are no different to all expectations whilst at school. Students who behave inappropriately will be referred to the Head Teacher and serious consequences will result. Students may become ineligible to represent the school for sport, attend excursions and camps for inappropriate behaviour or truancy. Persistent truancy or negative behaviour will be referred to the Deputy Principal and may result in suspension from school. We will not tolerate rudeness or inappropriate behaviour towards staff, students, community members whilst travelling on buses and representing the school.

Sport houses


Each member of the school belongs to a house named after star in the Southern Cross Constellation.

These houses are like four school families which may compete in such areas as cross country, swimming, athletics, academic awards or fundraising activities and cooperate in the running of school socials, community visits, school beautification and publications.

It is hoped that these groups will provide a permanent and continuing family structure within which students can be advised and supported whilst taking part in active decision making and problem solving activities within the school environment.