Berkeley Vale Campus

Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College

Telephone02 4388 1899

Emergency procedures

Berkeley Vale Campus does routine fire drills, lockdown practices and other evacuation procedures to ensure that we are prepared in the event of any potentially dangerous situation.

These procedures are organised by the Principal and are a safe way of protecting our students. The students comply with the practices and handle the situation as if it were real.

In the event of a lockdown, a bell will ring for a period of one minute.

Once staff and students hear this bell, classrooms must be locked, blinds must be drawn and students must get as low to the ground as possible to avoid being seen. To signify that a lockdown has ended, another bell will ring for one minute. Staff and students are instructed to stay inside classrooms for five minutes after hearing the second bell to ensure their safety.

In the event of a fire, a bell will sound five times.

Once this bell is heard, staff and students must evacuate their classrooms as quickly as possible and head towards the school oval. If the oval is unavailable, everyone must assemble on the soccer fields. Students are assembled into their roll call groups and rolls are then marked to assure that no student is left behind. Students are expected to leave their personal belongings behind and vacate classrooms in an orderly fashion. Once assembled, an assembly is called and must be silent until everything is fine.

In the event of an emergency assembly, a bell will ring three times. 

An emergency assembly is called if a significant event has occurred which could cause potential harm. These are called by the Principal and the Deputy Principals, who address the issue and discuss any problems.